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EcoDamper™ - for Fireplace Safety and Energy Savings

The EcoDamper system is an energy-friendly draft control and safety monitoring system for gas-fired fireplaces and similar decorative gas appliances.

The system is designed to maintain safe and proper minimum draft required in the chimney while protecting the fireplace from dangerous chimney downdraft and fireplace spillage, two common issues. The system automatically shuts down the fireplace gas supply if unsafe conditions – often caused by “building depressurization” – occur. The product also closes off the chimney when the fireplace is not being used, saving energy and meeting the requirements of new, strict energy codes.

And all the user has to do is flip a switch! There are only five components: An RS Chimney Fan, an MDF Mechanical Fireplace Damper, an ADC100 Draft and Damper Control, a Pressure Sensor and a Chimney Pressure Probe. This is how it works.

The EcoDamper system addresses all the relevant safety and energy-efficiency concerns in one cost-effective, code-compliant system. Added to a gas fireplace as a retrofit or in a new building project, the easy-to-install EcoDamper suite provides a completely safe gas appliance system:
Downdraft protection. High winds outdoors can cause downdraft in the chimney, but the mechanically draft is more resistant than a natural draft system.
Spillage elimination. Depressurization in rooms with fireplaces can cause spillage, but EcoDamper's safety system will close the supply of gas, if the spillage is persistent.
Automatic shutdown. In the event that a safe draft condition cannot be maintained, the ADC100 control shuts down the gas supply for the fireplace.
Energy savings. At the same time, EcoDamper saves energy and meets energy codes by automatically closing off the chimney when the fireplace is not being used.

This is how the EcoDamper works.
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