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IntelliDraft™ - for Fireplace Safety and Energy Savings


The environmentally friendly IntelliDraft quietly maintains safe and proper draft for the fireplace while protecting a home from dangerous chimney downdraft and fireplace spillage and saving energy.

The IntelliDraft is the first completely automated venting control system for use with gas fireplaces and is ideal for multifamily buildings and single-family dwellings alike. It assures safe operating conditions for a gas fireplace and other gas-fired, decorative appliances. It also saves energy and eliminates unnecessary emissions making it a true GREEN solution. This is how it works.

Maintaining a proper and safe draft condition for the fireplace and the room providing it air for combustion are big challenges in today's tight construction. IntelliDraft is designed specifically to meet these needs.


Safety is always important. The IntelliDraft creates the safest operation for any gas-fired fireplace or decorative appliance, and exceeds even the building codes’ strictest safety requirements.
  • Protects against downdrafts
  • Eliminates spillage and CO release due to building depressurization
  • Automatically shuts down fireplace operation, if conditions are unsafe.


Today's fireplace designs challenge the traditional venting system design. IntelliDraft opens up many new design options while allowing for a larger view area of the fire and a more natural look. 

  • Freedom to integrate almost any fireplace design
  • Eliminates the need for glass doors
  • Enables chimney designs that defy traditional design rules


A fireplace uses a lot of energy. Not only from the gas fire but also from the conditioned air that is constantly vented to the outside. IntelliDraft puts an end to this waste of energy.

  • Chimney is closed when the fireplace is not used
  • The draft is never excessive which saves fuel
  • Perfect operating conditions eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions

And all the user has to do is flip a switch! This is how the Intellidraft system works.

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